Faculty / Staff

Jan Goodwin : Principal

Jan Goodwin | Principal

My Email: jan.goodwin@washk12.org

Ligia Fetzer : Faculty

Ligia Fetzer | Faculty

My Email: ligia.fetzer@washk12.org

Nikki Vanorman : Faculty

Nikki Vanorman | Faculty

My Email: nikki.vanorman@washk12.org

Derrell Humphries : Faculty

Derrell Humphries | Faculty

My Email: derrell.humphries@washk12.org

Yenori Forsyth : ESL Faculty

Yenori Forsyth | ESL Faculty

My Email: yenori.forsyth@washk12.org

Michele Davignon : ESl Facutly

Michele Davignon | ESl Facutly

My Email: michele.davignon@washk12.org

Courtney Crane : Office Manager

Courtney Crane | Office Manager

My Email: courtney.crane@washk12.org

Laura Adams : Registrar

Laura Adams | Registrar

My Email: laura.adams@washk12.org

Scott Henrie : Counselor

Scott Henrie | Counselor

My Email: scott.henrie@washk12.org

Tamara Harrell : Front Office

Tamara Harrell | Front Office

My Email: tamara.harrell@washk12.org

Brittany Reeves : Front Office

Brittany Reeves | Front Office

My Email: brittany.reeves@washk12.org

Brian Shamo : Math Tutor

Brian Shamo | Math Tutor

My Email: brian.shamo@washk12.org

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